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Team SL21 – Creating a more JUST world for all

We live in a world where the wealth gap between the super-rich and everyone else is getting worse each and every day. This ‘status quo’ is patently unjust and benefits the few at the expense of everyone else. The super-rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer and the middle class is getting wiped out.

In reality, most people in the world today are Modern Day Slaves; they don’t earn enough money and they don’t have enough free time to live a decent life. What’s worse, the cost of living continues to rise at a much faster rate than people’s income; people are falling further behind each and every day. Job insecurity, the burden of heavy debt loads and the lack of time and money are creating extreme stress on families and relationships in general. People are losing hope. Sound familiar?

Here’s the truth about the ‘status quo’: In first world countries, by age 65, 96% of the people will be dead, dead broke or still working; not because they want to, but because they have too. In second and third world countries, the situation is even more bleak. Today, there are literally billions and billions of people looking and praying for a way to escape Modern Day Slavery; perhaps you are one of them.

Our Why:

At Team SL21, our dream is for the world to be a more JUST place for everyone; we dream of a world where abundance is available to all and not just the few.

We believe that everyone should have financial security and much more than that, that they should have financial independence and freedom of time. That is truly the only way to have an abundant life; a life in which we have abundant resources to help not just ourselves but to help others as well.

Are you a Modern Day Slave?

Are you ready to stop being a Modern Day Slave?

Are you ready to start creating abundance of time and money in your life?

What do we do?

Our way of transforming the world into the world of our dreams is to offer an online opportunity through which virtually anyone will be able to achieve financial independence and time freedom if they are willing to commit time and energy and follow a simple system.

Our online opportunity has absolute NO COST and NO FINANCIAL INVESTMENT is required.

How do we do it?

Our opportunity has 3 aspects: a system, a strategy and a culture.

Our system is simple, accessible, humane, duplicable, scalable and profitable!

Our strategy is totally disruptive, innovative and revolutionary! It is the first of it’s kind. It’s based on taking advantage of advances in technology, cultural, societal and geo-political changes and a growing global awareness of and discontentment with the ‘status quo’.

We provide free education via webinars (in English and Spanish) focused on many areas including financial intelligence, leadership, entrepreneurship, personal development, social media, team-building, technology, communications etc.

Our culture is all about supportive teamwork, collaboration, and contribution. It’s totally win-win. It’s ethical, enriching, noble, inspiring and fun!

About Team SL21:

Founded by self-made multi-million dollar income earner, financial intelligence expert, abundance mentor Jeffrey Lee, Team SL21 is a group of individuals committed to being a ‘Force For Good’ in the world.

The members of Team SL21 are creating the life of their dreams by participating in a ridiculously simple, fun and scaleable online system that has the potential of creating financial and time freedom for all.

Making money online has never been simpler!

Let’s do this!


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